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How To House Train An Adult Dog – Solving Common Issues

An old cho labrador looking sad lying on a brown bed

When an adult dog starts to potty in the home when they didn’t before, there are many possible reasons why.

It could be triggered by medical issues, changes in the dog’s life and environment or one of many different behavioral reasons. The situation calls for careful investigation and a solution designed to tackle the precise cause of the issue.

This article will help you to investigate and identify any such underlying issues, then show you how to treat it so you can have your dog fully house trained in no time.

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How To House Train A Puppy

A yello lab puppy in a wooden crate

One of the first and most important things we have to do with our puppies is teach them acceptable toilet habits.

In this guide I provide complete, step-by-step, easy to follow instructions that show you in-depth how to take both your puppy and yourself from complete beginners to house training aces as quickly and stress free as possible.

If you follow this guide with patience, consistency and dedication, I can guarantee you’ll meet with success!

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How To Get Your Puppy Used To A Collar And Leash

Yellow lab puppy pulling on the leash toward camera

It’s essential that you get your puppy used to a collar and leash as soon as possible.

It’s a tool to keep them under your control and out of trouble while they learn how to live in our sometimes dangerous world.

It’s a useful device to keep their attention and prevent bolting during training.

And in many places it’s a necessity by law when walking them in public.

This article teaches you how to get your puppy used to a collar and leash in a way that’s as stress free as possible and does the best ground work to build upon to train your puppy not to pull on the leash when an adult.

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Umbilical Cord House Training: What is It? How Does It Work?

lab puppy on leash attached to trainer on white background

One of the most important aspects of a successful house training method is preventing mistakes. To accomplish this, you must never let your puppy wander off alone unsupervised.

It takes just a couple of seconds for a puppy to have a little accident on your carpet, and it’s extremely hard, if not impossible to keep a constant eye on your puppy 100% of the time.

To address this problem, the method of umbilical cord training was devised.

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How To Paper Train Your Puppy Or Dog The Easy Way

A Labrador wearing some loo paper over the head

Paper training is almost certainly the most commonly used method of house training with many people using it exclusively as the only method they use.

It’s a very old, tried and trusted technique. But just because it’s traditional and well known doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the BEST method.

In this article we take a look at how to paper train a puppy, who should consider using it and some convincing reasons why in fact it isn’t always such a great idea.

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House Training WITHOUT A Crate: Constant Supervision

House training without a crate featured

There are many reasons an owner may not want or be able to use a crate during house training.

Some people just don’t like them, others may have adopted a dog that experienced abuse from a previous owner involving a crate and some just don’t have the room for one in a small home or cannot stand the look of one ruining their interior design.

The good news is, you can succeed in house training without a crate. Using one isn’t essential, it’s just the preferred option for many.

So what are the alternatives? There’s a few, but they all essentially come down to one thing: ‘constant supervision’.

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How To Use A Crate To House Train A Puppy

A close up of a yellow lab puppy chewing on a dog biscuit

There are many methods of house training, some more effective than others.

So although using a crate as part of your house training process isn’t essential, I do recommend it because it’s EXTREMELY effective at speeding up the process and undoubtedly makes it easier…and cleaner!

This article discusses why a crate is so useful, how to use a crate to house train a puppy as well as offering a few pointers on what NOT to do when using a crate during house training.

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House Training: Feeding Choices Make A Massive Difference

A labrador puppye eating on white background

Decisions around food play an important part in the house training process, directly affecting the speed of success you will achieve.

I’m sure this isn’t a surprise if you think along the lines of ‘what goes in, must come out’.

This article discusses how your choices around what you feed and how you feed can affect house training in more ways than just one.

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Accidents Happen: How To Remove Pet Stains And Odors

A sad looking chocolate labrador

Cleaning up effectively and thoroughly is so important to the house training process that I decided to dedicate an entire article to it.

I’ve also included how to avoid accidents in the first place and how you can learn from them to improve your house training progress.

So let’s discuss how you should deal with the inevitable accidents and how to remove pet stains and odors properly…

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House Training: Products, Supplies And Equipment You Need

A selection of house training products and supplies

To make the house training process go as quickly and smoothly as possible, there are a few products and items that you’re going to need.

This article lists those items, how they are to be used and why.

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