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Take a look through our archives to discover great advice and tips on every aspect of owning, caring for and training a Labrador Retriever.

Basic Need To Know Facts Before Starting House Training

House training basics - Two lab puppys on white background

Everybody has questions before they start house training: What is house training? How long will it take? How often does puppy need to be taken to their toilet spot? How many times during the night? What different house training methods are there?

This article answers all these questions and more and will tell you exactly what you can expect before you start the house training process.

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House Training – The Ultimate Guide!

A Labrador puppy sleeping near a model home

Probably the highest priority thing every owner has on their list of things to do is house training their dog or puppy.

Teaching a dog not to toilet in the home, or if they must then to do it in a very specific planned out place, is extremely important for every owner, for very obvious reasons.

A dog that toilets anywhere they please creates an unpleasant mess, an even worse odor and is very unhygienic!

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How To Puppy Proof Your House And Garden

How to puppy proof your house - A lab puppy with chew toys

The process of puppy proofing your house and garden is very much like baby proofing before the arrival of a child. Except a puppy is far more curious, active and destructive and can get into far more trouble.

So before you bring your puppy home you simply must make it safe for them. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your puppy, and your belongings, are going to be safe.

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What Do Different Dog Barks Mean? Learn What Your Lab Is Saying!

A black lab barking

Dogs are highly expressive animals and are always communicating exactly how they think and feel.

Most of their communication is with body language, but they also have a surprisingly large range of barks and in much the same way we use words to say different things, dogs can vary their barks depending on what they’re feeling or trying to say.

This article interprets the 14 most common barks, describing what different dog barks mean.

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Why Do Dogs Bark? What Are The Causes?

A Labrador barking in the snow

All dogs bark. Actually I take that back as the Basenji is a breed that’s known for not barking. But with the Basenji being the exception, all dogs bark, and that includes your Labrador.

In our efforts to better communicate with and understand what our dogs are thinking and feeling, it’s in our best interests to learn both why do dogs bark, and how to decipher the different sounds they make.

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Set Some House Rules Before You Get Your Puppy Home

A smiling yellow lab laying in front of a door

Before bringing a Labrador into your life and home, it’s extremely important to sit down with the members of your household and agree a set of rules that everyone has to live by.

By this I mean a set of rules not just for the dog, but the children, the adults, every human in the household too!

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Labrador Behavior Problems – What Are They Really?

Labrador Behavior Problems featured

There are two kinds of behavior problems.

Genuinely abnormal behaviors that are true problems and need addressing.

But also, quite sadly, often what people call behavior problems are just natural behaviors for a dog and the problem isn’t with the dogs behavior but with the owners unrealistic expectations instead.

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What Is The Difference Between American And English Labradors

Difference between American and English Labradors

If you’ve spent any time reading or talking about Labrador Retrievers you will almost certainly have come across the terms ‘American Labrador’ and ‘English Labrador’.

But what do these terms mean? How did these terms come about and make it into common use? Is it just the country of their birth or are there other differences between them?

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Why You Must Provide A Nutritious Diet For Your Labrador

yellow lab puppy as a chef

Malnutrition most often comes from a dogs owner not having sufficient knowledge of the range and mix of nutrients their dog needs rather than under-providing and starving their dogs.

So it’s important to take some time to study and learn about your Labradors dietary needs, learn how to spot the symptoms of malnutrition and how to go about avoiding it.

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How Much Water Should Your Labrador Drink Each Day?

Labrador drinking from a water bottle

How much their dogs are drinking is something a lot of dog owners overlook. But they shouldn’t as it’s vitally important.

Making sure your dog is drinking enough, but not too much, improves their health and helps to stave off certain illnesses.

But the general thinking is as long as there’s water out for the dog, they’ll take care of themselves. There’s a few problems with this idea.

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