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Take a look through our archives to discover great advice and tips on every aspect of owning, caring for and training a Labrador Retriever.

How to Find a Vet That’s Right For You and Your Labrador

Finding the right vet for your Labrador Retriever might take a bit of time and effort on your part—calling clinics for pre-appointments, interviewing the doctor and staff, making a pros and cons list—but it’s worth doing the work to find the right fit for both you and your dog.

And remember, the absolute worst time to choose a vet is when you actually need one. You want to be prepared in advance. So we’ve put together a useful guide.

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How to Keep Your Labrador Cool and Happy in Hot Weather

Although the majority of people are happiest when the sun is shining, hot weather can take its toll on both us humans and our canine companions.

During the hotter months, it’s important to think about whether your dog is happy, healthy and comfortable. Disregarding the heat and carrying on as normal could even be fatal for your dog in extreme cases, so it’s not worth taking any risks.

We can’t change the weather, but we can make things easier on our pups.

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How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet and Furniture

Every dog owner has probably looked at their home and thought that it has, quite literally, gone to the dogs. (I recently replaced some trim that made it seem like I once owned a small beaver, rather than a Black Lab puppy.)

Of course, even the best-behaved dog can’t help but make its mark on your home; no matter what you do, your Lab will shed hair. And since you can’t prevent it, all you can do is deal with it. Find out how in this collection of tips and tricks.

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Homemade Dog Treat Recipes – Easy, Healthy, Fun to Make

We all look forward to tasty treats now and then, and our four-legged friends are no exception. In fact, if our Labradors could talk, they’d probably rate eating as one of their all-time favorite experiences.

New flavors, new textures, new possibilities – making your own dog treats is a great way to expand your knowledge in the kitchen and make your dog happy at the same time.

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How To Get Rid Of Dog Smell In Your Home

We might love our canine companions with all our hearts, but there’s no denying it; sometimes they stink. And we mean literally!

Of course, it also follows that our homes can take on a decidedly doggy odor, which can be unpleasant to people at times. So what do we do?

Well, it’s not actually too tough to keep on top of that dog smell if you follow the advice in this article for removing dog odors from your home.

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Tips for Camping with Your Labrador

Sunsets. Mountains. Lakes. Trails. There’s nothing like a few nights under the stars to put you in touch with your wild side, and there’s no better companion than a Labrador for camping adventures big and small.

Labs are fun-loving, energetic, and up for anything. They are at home in and on the water, love to hike, and are equally happy relaxing next to a campfire. And the best part? Your Labrador will never complain about the bugs, the rain, or sleeping on the hard ground. It’s all part of the adventure.

Are you ready embrace the outdoors with your best friend? Here’s everything you need to know about camping with your Labrador.

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Best Vacuum for Pet Hair – Best Uprights, Handhelds and Canisters Reviewed

Say goodbye to the days of pushing your ailing vacuum over the same spot again and again by treating yourself and investing in a high-quality pet hair vacuum.

This buying guide will take you through everything you should consider when searching out the best vacuum for pet hair, while giving you an in-depth look at our favorite models available on the market right now.

Specializing in buying tips and advice for upright, handheld and canister vacuums specially made for homes with pets​. Our hope is to help you make the best buying decision you possibly can.

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What Size Dog Crate Should You Get and Which Type Is Best?

This is the 4th installment in the 8 part series ‘Crate training – the complete guide’.

This article will help you to make the correct decisions when buying a crate and answers the questions:

What size dog crate should I get? And Which type of dog crate would be best?

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How To Crate Train a Puppy: Day, Night, Even If You Work

Learn how to crate train a puppy in 20 easy steps!

By following this detailed guide you’ll be able to take your puppy from never having seen a crate to being happy and calm when left alone in one and using the crate on cue as well as of their own accord!

It’s possibly the best thing you can do for your puppies safety and early development!

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How To House Train A Puppy

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

One of the first and most important things you have to learn as a new owner is how to house train a puppy…and fast!

Well, it turns out you can dramatically decrease the time it takes to house train your puppy, getting to the days of cleaner floors and carpets much sooner, by arming yourself with just a little knowledge and following a well laid out plan.

And in this article, I give you a detailed step-by-step method to follow that will have your puppy house trained in the fastest time possible, with the least ‘accidents’, mess and cleaning along the way.

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